The Symmetrical Beauty Of Wrought Iron Culture

Iron gate appeared in the early 17th century. It has a long history and varied styles, such as ancient Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Rococo and so on. In Europe, a lot of bigwigs choose residence door will choose iron gate, European style iron gate style is changeable, a variety of, China is to pay attention to symmetrical beauty of the country, when European iron art culture combined with Chinese iron art culture, this will be a fierce cultural collision.

Throughout Chinese history, examples of beauty can be found everywhere, such as the Imperial Palace in Beijing, Yuelu Academy, etc. Symmetry is not limited to architecture, and decoration, such as courtyard gate and stone lion, is also very particular about symmetry.

Symmetry in ancient times was related to the hierarchy at that time, and all classes were in sharp contrast, so they had to follow the rules without any arrogation. It is this thought that we should emphasize the class, be superior and inferior, and obey the law in everything. It is this thought that has influenced people’s aesthetic standards, leading to the ancient people’s belief that asymmetry is very different, and only symmetry is beauty. It can be said that ancient China brought the beauty of symmetry into full play. The gate is to reflect the typical beauty of symmetry and harmony, in ancient times, the gate of mansion of official noble is solemn, solemn, the gate of common people residence is concise, anacreontic, symmetrical gate, it is from the bottom of the heart the grave that gives birth to and atmosphere, gave a kind of feel at ease and sureness, good thing becomes double, symmetrical beauty also is the implication of perfect luck.

Europe type style appears, wrought iron arched door, door head of circular arch, main frame integral modelling is biased towards the east, wrought iron arched door flowers, flowers, leaves, pure manual forging, the grain, the texture of the petals, leaves of main and collateral channels, a wrought iron master beat ten million times a second, gives it the manual art of the cultural inheritance, is the vivid now. The whole line of the gate, straight and curved coexistence, the line is too straight with a sense of bondage, bending lines and ribbon is neutralized the sense of bondage, and the whole of the gate added a few clever, the central cylindrical decorative modeling for the iron gate added a few classical beauty; A door frame that is too smooth will make the door light, while a textured inner frame adds a chunky, colorful but not vulgar feel to the door; Steady but not frivolous; Classical but not stuffy, this is a form of Chinese cognition of China and America, “both inside and outside are well balanced, is” beauty “, symmetry is such beauty.

And now with the development of The Times, symmetrical beauty in life everywhere, symmetry, dignified atmosphere, give a person with neat, concise, anacreontic feeling, look more pleasing to the eye. The beauty of symmetry reveals the Chinese people’s sense of order in the universe, the art of balance for thousands of years, and the Chinese people’s pursuit of perfection and harmony.

Post time: Sep-04-2020