The Life Aesthetics Of Tie Yi Culture Guardrail

The life aesthetics is a kind of life style which the modern people hold passionately, what is its definition? I think it is a kind of spiritual need produced by modern people under the basic satisfaction of living material. The truth is that everyone needs to balance their state, whether it’s things that require self-focus or things that are sensuously beautiful are ways of balancing.

It is the understanding of “life aesthetics” to break away from the busy life, advocate a “slow” life, or put yourself into something from the emptiness and boredom, and gain a sense of achievement, belonging and value. Therefore, life aesthetics is aimed at the public.

Life aesthetics is the spiritual need, while culture is the necessity to fill the spiritual need. After an object has a certain cultural attribute, it can bring people sustenance and psychological comfort. The charm of life aesthetics is that it can change people’s mental state and experience.

According to historical records, the emergence of ironwork guardrail is the product of the combination of blacksmith and art design. Until the Baroque era in the 17th century, ironwork guardrail entered an unprecedented period of prosperity, with spiral patterns and the rise of plants, flowers and leaves, vines and vines making ironwork guardrail more romantic. , the influence of the rococo art after the 18th century, “C” shaped pattern and “S” shape gradually become dominant, and has been in use today, was used as a carrier of iron, iron pipe, I think on the one hand was the human had mastered the ironmaking technology, on the other hand also is associated with the metal properties, namely iron plasticity and robustness.

At the phenomenon level, life aesthetics advocates high value-added products and highly personalized, customized consumption view, a lot of new terms: such as cultural industry, artisan spirit, private customization, feelings marketing and so on also appear before our eyes. Therefore, we focus on personalization and landscape while following pragmatism in the design of iron art guardrail, return to the consumption experience as the core, handmade customization to meet the spiritual needs of material enjoyment.

Now, many users choose to use the iron fence. Because first of all, tie Yi fence safety performance is very strong, tie Yi fence strong and strong for safety protection plays a very big role, whether it is private houses or residential district choice tie Yi fence has a very strong practical. Next, tie Yi guardrail style is changeful can choose classicism or it is contemporary according to oneself decorate a style again for example individual character is contracted. If you pay a little attention to the old houses in Shanghai and the European style street, you will appreciate the charm of various styles of iron fence, like gold ornaments in the beauty of the body, is so lovely.

Mature iron fence in the shape not only to give consideration to the dynamic balance of the force of the United States, the transfer of the force of the United States and the logic of the structure of the United States, but also to reflect the aesthetic meaning of the user’s subjective feelings, its classic is to stand the test of time, withstand the test of time. Tieyi is an artistic and cultural body with inheritance, which brings people a long history of sensory enjoyment.

Post time: Sep-04-2020